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Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly
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06.21.15(no subject)
[APH] America; priceless indeed

friends only

Personal entries will be locked, with a few exceptions.
Feel free to add me, but if you want to be added back, leave a comment at this post. 
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03.02.10(no subject)
[JUNO] Juno; nothing better
As you all must probably know, last Saturday Chile suffered an earthquake of a magnitude of 8.8 in the Richter scale, leaving a death toll of 795 people and a lot of material damages to buildings, roads, bridges and even entire towns.

So, with the intention of providing aid to the victims and help the country in its reconstruction tasks, and joining the many fundraising organizations around the world, help_chile  has been created. The community follows the same pattern as help_haiti , and since I am unable to contribute, having no talents at all (D:), at least I'm pimping the community to help spreading the word.

So if you think you can help, don't hesitate in giving it a try @ [info]help_chile
01.04.10 - I have no life.
[HP] Potter Puppet Pals; dancing fandom!

I regret nothing. Also, my longtime dream of finally getting "refresh" as an username HAS COME TRUE.
[SM] Jamal; window in the skies
Hey! Guess what?
i joined the bandwagon

(a little bit late to the party, as always, but then who cares?)
Everybody is welcome to stalk me on twitter, now ;D
So if you have an account, add me, so you'll know everything about my exciting procrastinating experiences |D

I'm lame, I know.
08.15.08 -
[SM] Jamal; window in the skies
the disney meme

C'mon, I had to do it! It's Disney!
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